“Welcome to a wonderful new heroine for the environment.”–Amazon customer review of ‘Pippin and the River of Wonders’–  For children ages 9-12 and the young at heart. 

By Stacey Gerhart, DVM. 

Veterinarian, Explorer, Children’s fiction Author. 


Mission:   Raise awareness about wildlife and habitats and salute the many places to enjoy nature and protect species. 

Stacey Gerhart is a veterinarian, wellness advocate, world traveler, and nature lover.  She shares posts of beautiful places for meandering, exploration, and preservation.  Some of her favorite stories are about animals and their habitats.  

Stacey believes that rich human-animal bonds evolve from spending time with animals.  Many people enjoy spending time with their pets at home, on nature walks, and on boats.  For some people, it is fulfilling to view wildlife in its natural habitat on land.  Other people like to go diving to explore nature’s bounties under the sea.  Many people enjoy spending time at the zoo.  Stacey’s posts include photographs of many different habitats and ecosystems around the world.  

Her focus for sustainability is on conservation optimism for things we CAN do to protect the planet. Little things, like giving up plastic straws and water bottles, add up to make a big difference to sea life, wildlife, and humanity as more people participate in the anti-plastic movement.  Learning about invasive species, like lion fish, raises awareness about the dangers of exotic species in our coral reefs.  Understanding the importance of the wetlands can bring respect to its nursery of life so that people want to protect the ecosystem–the theme of Stacey’s first children’s book.  

Stacey believes that sustainability is an opportunity for people to bond in a common goal to protect the planet. People around the world can work together to reduce, reuse and recycle and offer eco-friendly solutions for transportation and energy.  Many countries offer excellent options for clean energy leading the way for innovation.  Together, we can discover and connect our thoughts and solutions for a sustainable planet.  

 Stacey and her husband, Charles, are both veterinarians who have been animal health experts for over thirty years. Stacey also taught Human Anatomy and Physiology as an assistant professor at the local college for five years.  During much of that time, she served on the sustainability committee.  She believes we are all life-long learners in an evolving world of many changes.  

Stacey and Charles began practicing Yoga for flexibility and pain management for age-related health issues in their fifties.  Yoga kept them mobile and independent to continue the outdoor explorations they loved.  Fitness and healthy eating is a way of life for them– and an important message in Stacey’s books.  She believes the future of medicine will include lifestyle management for healthy living.  And she loves practicing yoga during their travels. 

The evolution of Veterinary Medicine over thirty plus years of practice is a source of ongoing interest.  Today, integrative veterinary medicine includes a blend of Western medicine and Traditional Medicine for horses and pets. It is currently a rotation for students at UF’s veterinary college, where Stacey and Charles graduated in the 80’s.  High tech diagnostics and services are also readily available in veterinary medicine.  

Stacey believes healthy eating for all stages of life, body weight management, and exercise is an important part of a pet’s wellness plan.  She feeds her senior dog a prescription diet for healthy joints. When her fourteen-year-old Australian Shepherd  ran faster and jumped higher than her six-year old Aussie, she was convinced dogs don’t need a pill for every ill.  Stacey believes the future of primary care veterinary medicine lies in wellness plans for every stage of life.  

She hopes you enjoy browsing her posts as much as she enjoyed exploring the world, writing her children’s book, and creating this project.  Have fun!

All the Best,

Stacey Gerhart, DVM