Life at the Water Village, Cambodia is education for the the heart. Connecting people via travel or pen pal schools inspires future generations to make a difference towards fresh water for all. #WorldWaterDay, #globaleducation, #teachSDGs

By June 8, 2016March 22nd, 2019Cambodia


IMG_3423This is a water village on Lake Tonle sap in Cambodia.   The green netting in this photograph encloses a fish farm.  Here, families tend the nets and harvest the fish for their own consumption or to sell to purchase clothes, boat supplies, food or goods from the village store.   The wooden houses are kept open for cross ventilation.  Families live and work in the water village and children go to school by boat. Sadly, cholera is prevalent here and sometimes takes lives. We purchase table mats and crafts at the local store to support the people of the village.  Touring the water village is an education for the heart.  Fresh water is not something to take for granted.  Everyone can make a difference by working towards fresh water for all.