Guests of the Grand Palace–Explore and Discover, Thailand

By June 21, 2016March 11th, 2019Thailand


The Grand Palace of Thailand is a royal complex of ceremonial halls, temples, and buildings that stand tribute to the city of Bangkok.  From 1782 to 1932, the palace was home to kings, staff, servants, elephants, and government offices.  Today, the king no longer rules Thailand–but serves as a beloved figurehead.   The Grand Palace is still used for ceremonies, but the grounds are open to paid visitors who want to browse the grandeur of the royal site.  The large planter in this photograph is filled with water to float the lovely and symbolic purple lotus.   I take this photograph of a woman, covered head to toe to protect her from the sun, admiring the lotus.  Behind the planter, another woman checks her cell phone.  Old meets new.  Thai people enjoy using their cell phones and communicating on Facebook.  With this global photo story, I salute the value of the cell phone to respectfully inform, educate, entertain and communicate around the world.