The Pink Lotus at the Palace–Sacred Flowers, Thailand

By October 12, 2016March 11th, 2019Thailand


We meander around the Grand Palace of Thailand admiring the ornate temples and buildings that were once places of worship and home to the King.  At every turn, I see urn planters, filled with water, to float the beautiful lotus flowers of spiritual significance.  Here, the pink lotus is in full bloom, as only happens in the morning.  An open lotus symbolizes enlightenment by the messages of Buddha that culminate with kindness, gratitude, meditation, and inner peace for the practitioner.  By afternoon, the petals will close into the shape of a bud that is used in offerings to Buddha to show gratitude for the life-affirming messages of the faith.  I take this photograph of the fully bloomed lotus with a temple in the background to highlight the message of the flower.  With this global photo story, I salute the power of the lotus to bring kind thoughts and enrichment to those who pause for reflection into the murky waters that nourish this bloom.