Shantytowns of the Amazon Rainforest, Preservation and Conservation, Peru

By November 17, 2016 March 8th, 2019 Amazon Rainforest

img_5755Some indigenous people choose to leave the remote frontier of the Amazon rainforest, while others choose to stay and lead the simple life that follows their traditions.  Here, the indigenous people can live in the rainforest wilderness after it becomes a national reserve if they want a traditional life.  But, for those who leave the remote wilds of the rainforest, the shantytowns of the Amazon Basin are a step toward life in the city.  Many people, who leave the rainforest reserves, move to the shantytowns to seek a better education for their children. I take this photograph of Belen, where people live in stilt houses, or houses that will float, when the river floods during the wet season.  In parts of the Amazon Basin, a mile-wide river during the dry season can become a thirty mile wide flood during the wet season.  With this global photo story, I salute the ingenuity of the local people to adapt to their changing environment during the yearly cycles of seasonal floods wherever they may choose to live.