Sloth of the Amazon Rainforest, Preservation and Conservation, Peru

By January 4, 2017March 8th, 2019Amazon Rainforest

img_2426This afternoon we take the skiffs to a small community where we disembark for a walk through the jungle.  I take this photograph of a three toed sloth, peeking at us from behind a tree, during the hike.  Sloths are slow-moving tree dwellers that prefer to sleep most of the time.  Living in trees helps to keep them safe from predators during their long naps.  On other days we see sloths sleeping high in the trees, where they are safest, during our boat rides along the creeks.  The primary threat to the sloth is habitat destruction from deforestation. With this global photo story, I salute the rangers of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve for protecting the rainforest from tree poachers who threaten the ecosystem through illegal logging.