Memories of the Amazon #Rainforest, Explore and Discover, Peru

I take this photograph on our last day of exploration in the Amazon Rainforest.  Here, everyday has been a learning experience with thoughts to share on wildlife, habitats, indigenous people, and sustaining the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.  We learned of habitat destruction due to logging, overfishing, over-hunting, and the effective responses to control these issues.  Here, many people want to maintain their simple lives in the remote areas of the rainforest, and while they may be faced with regulations, they may also find work in enforcement and sustainability.  To find work in sustainable projects helps the local people feel part of the conservation plans.  And, tourism provides jobs for the people of the rainforest and funds to sustain the preserves. Some of America’s great zoos also donate conservation funds to the rainforest.  Modern, well-managed zoos present wildlife in excellent habitats to mimic real life and provide stimulation for the animals.   Many zoos include creatures from the Amazon Basin for the public to observe, enjoy, and educate children and adults about the interrelationships of all life on earth.   Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, flowers, trees and plants share the planet for good reason.  Many plant and animal species could not exist without each other to pollinate, spread seeds, provide cover and protection from predators, or be the predator that keeps the wildlife population in balance.  With this global photo story, I salute the people and places that inspire us along our journeys, teach us about the many projects to sustain the rainforest and its inhabitants, and provide us with stories to share.

By Stacey Gerhart

Stacey Gerhart, DVM is a veterinarian, world traveler and children's book author. Her fun and inspiring stories will leave you cheering for nature, wildlife, and protecting the planet. Stacey believes fiction pairs beautifully with non-fiction for parents and teachers to share stories with children to raise awareness about wildlife, environment, and sustainability.