The Mudpot, Explore and Discover #Yellowstone, Wyoming

By March 7, 2017Wyoming

We follow our guide for the snowmobile tour to view some of the less accessible geothermal features of the snow packed loop of Yellowstone.  Since there is no one else on the road, we move quickly between basins, views and attractions on our snowmobiles.  In Winter, there are no traffic jams, but most of the roads are closed to vehicular traffic since the roads aren’t plowed.  I take this photograph of a mudpot–a prominent geothermal feature of gurgling mud at Yellowstone.  A mudpot contains less water than a geyser, and its natural plumbing is more like a muddy hot spring, so it gurgles with the mud of dissolved volcanic ash and rock instead of spewing water into the air.  With this global photo story, I salute the curious nature of the gurgling snow-dusted steamy mudpots of Winter in Yellowstone.