Wildlife of #Yellowstone–Elk, Explore and Discover, Wyoming

By March 22, 2017Wyoming

I take this photograph of an elk, standing in the creek, as we walk down the trail to the nearby hot spring.  Elk are a familiar wildlife inhabitant of Yellowstone.  The park supports a greater abundance of elk than any other large mammal.  Elk are a favorite prey for wolves, who will scavenge on bison that perish during a harsh winter, but prefer to hunt simpler prey to take down than the massive bison.  When food is scarce for grazing in Winter, both elk and bison migrate outside of the park to the lower elevations for grazing.  Because we visit the park in Winter, we learn about their winter habits–and see them first-hand during our travels.  With this global photo story, I salute the many learning experiences of Winter in Yellowstone.