Wildlife of #Yellowstone–Wolves, Explore and Discover, Wyoming

By March 28, 2017Wyoming

I take this photograph of a wolf on the last day of our Yellowstone adventure when we are returning from Old Faithful Snow Lodge to Mammoth in the Snow Coach.  Our guide is excited to tell us she is one of the oldest living wolves at Yellowstone, and she is often seen in this area with her mate.  We step outside our snow coach to watch her, while other tourists also stop to view her during their 2015 adventures.  Her story, and her longevity, are interesting.  Some of the wolves of Yellowstone have been followed and their lives documented since birth–with true stories of losing family, finding a mate, building a pack, leading the pack in a hunt, and the dangers of rival packs in competitive territory.   While wolves are wanted as an apex predator inside the park to control the population of elk that had been overgrazing the land during their absence, and to scavenge or prey on other species, they are not welcome outside the park where they become a threat to livestock.  With this global photo story, I salute the successful reintroduction of wolves inside Yellowstone National Park to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.