Wildlife of #Yellowstone–Bison, Explore and Discover, Wyoming

By March 30, 2017Wyoming


Today we are on a wildlife tour of the Lamar Valley when it begins to snow.  It is cold when the wind blows.  But, the bison are protected by a thick, woolly coat so they seem content as they graze in the snowflakes.  It is a mild winter in 2015, with little snow cover on the brush that keeps them well fed and fit.  Other years, when it snowed long and hard to cloak the land, more bison would migrate out of the park to lower altitudes to find grazing land.  Like all migratory animals. bison migrate in search of food.  State and federal officials discuss and determine the best herd size to keep the majority of bison inside the park in winter when grazing land is scarce.  With this global photo story, I salute maintaining a bison population that provides them with adequate grazing land in winter inside the park.