Principles of Bison Management, Explore and Discover #Yellowstone, Wyoming

By April 4, 2017March 11th, 2019Wyoming

It took time for our forefathers to settle on the management of our first national park. Today, officials from federal, state, and tribal agencies meet, plan, and compromise to solve the challenges of Yellowstone’s bison through the IBMP (Interagency Bison Management Plan).  Maintaining an ideal herd size deters bison from migrating outside the prescribed boundaries in winter because they have enough land to graze to keep them well-fed without further migration.  For some tribes, hunting and eating bison is part of their heritage. The IBMP also addresses the spread of Brucellosis–a contagious and debilitating disease of bison, elk, livestock, and people.  According to the IBMP, bison management needs to be based on scientific principles for a healthy herd that doesn’t spread disease with sufficient Winter grazing for the herd size.  With this global photo story, I salute the official thinkers and designers of the IBMP for planning and compromising to maintain a healthy herd of well-fed bison.