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We are almost ready to choose our species to sponsor for symbolic adoption, but we have a few more habitats to visit and some blogs to post before we make our donation. At the end of the day the Great Ape House is busy with visitors who are enjoying the antics of the gorillas.  Some of the guests sit on benches for an extended view of gorilla behaviors, like climbing, eating treats, and playing with enrichment toys.  The Western Lowland Gorilla is critically endangered in its native habitat—just one step above extinct in the wild on the conservation scale.  For me, they are especially interesting because I considered taking a gorilla safari in Rwanda this month, but chose to take this zoo trip with my daughter, instead. Today, I’m glad to be at the National Zoo watching these very popular gorillas enjoy their zoo habitats, because the enduring habitats of zoos may be their best hope for their future survival.