Choosing Our Symbolic Adoption, #Smithsoniannationalzoo, Washington DC

After twenty seven posts for this lovely and enriching zoo, it is time to purchase our adoption package from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo website.  Every habitat at the National Zoo is thoughtfully constructed for the natural lifestyle of its inhabitants and we have been impressed by the care of the animals and connection with their keepers. Today we want to symbolically adopt an animal that represents the zoo’s mission,  “We Save Species.”  I research the zoo’s website to learn about the animals, and write this blog, as a hobby, to share my adventures as a visiting veterinarian.  The National Zoo is a leader in reproductive techniques like cryopreservation and artificial breeding to maintain the genetic diversity of a species, so it lives up to its mission. But, we never know what animals we will encounter on a zoo visit, and some of the great success stories of reproduction—like Cheetahs and Clouded Leopards—weren’t home on the day of our self-guided tour.   We choose a symbolic adoption that meets our criteria beautifully—critically endangered in the wild, impressive zoo habitat with enrichment activities; fun to watch at play; educational for the public; and a new baby to represent saving species.  To celebrate the last blog of my Smithsonian’s National Zoo series, I purchase a special edition Orangutan adoption package as a donation from Dr. Charles, Laura, and me, at their website this morning.