Tilting the Axis, #Norway, #mindfulness, #climatechange

By January 20, 2018Norway

Imagine a line, representing the latitude of the arctic circle, passing through this global monument. During a yearly cycle of the earth’s tilted orbit around the sun, the position of the the arctic circle shifts by about 50 feet on longitude crossings.  Norwegians on Vikingen islet live what we learn as the shift in position of arctic circle relative to the sun creates 24 hours of daylight, the midnight sun, in summer when the arctic circle is closer to the sun, and almost 24 hour of darkness, and the northern lights, in winter when the arctic circle is further away from the sun during the earth’s yearly orbit around the sun.  Now, imagine a little extra tilt of the earth’s axis in relation to the sun, and a little extra shift in position of the imaginary line that represents the arctic circle.  Or imagine a shift in shape of the earth’s orbit around the sun.  Can you visualize climate change from these shifts?  When we travel, we learn, and when we learn we are mindful.