Play Day, #PhiladelphiaZoo, #nature, #wildlife

It’s easy to be mindful watching animals enjoy the snow at a Great American Zoo. This beautiful tiger trotted over to greet us on a slow day after a March blizzard before he joined another tiger in play.  Many animals were housed indoors on this cold day, but the snow-lovers enjoyed being outdoors for the… Continue reading Play Day, #PhiladelphiaZoo, #nature, #wildlife

Lady in Waiting, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Mama gorilla cradles her abdomen with tenderness and care as she awaits the blessed event.  She seems to enjoy our attention as view her expanding figure behind the glass wall.  Who wouldn’t want to save this beautiful species that is well-adapted to the enrichment, attention and safety of zoo life despite being critically endangered in… Continue reading Lady in Waiting, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Climbing Tall, #Philadelphiazoo, PhiladelphiaPA

The staff member, who has been observing the delightful bond between Mother and Daughter Gorilla, shares some of their stories.  We visit the zoo on one of the first days Mom has allowed Amani to venture off on her own to the playground.  Mom is gaining confidence in her daughter, so that she may grow… Continue reading Climbing Tall, #Philadelphiazoo, PhiladelphiaPA

Mother Knows Best, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

It is a joy to watch the baby gorilla, Amani, asking her mother’s permission before she scoots off to play on the Jungle Gym.  Who could resist the soft, hopeful eyes of the baby who already knows that her Mother Knows Best?  This baby gorilla wouldn’t consider departing her mother’s watchful eye without her approval. … Continue reading Mother Knows Best, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

The Playground, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

The white handed gibbons enjoy making the most of a cold, winter day by using their indoor playground instead of romping outdoors.  The temperature is regulated Inside the PECO Primate Reserve for the comfort of the primates who share the space.  Each species has a separate habitat that is equipped with with enrichment activities to… Continue reading The Playground, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Sharing a Snuggle, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

As native residents of warm Madagascar, the Ring Tailed Lemurs aren’t adapted to the cold, snowy weather of Philadelphia today.  Thankfully, it is warm and cozy inside the PECO primate Reserve where they huddle together for a group shot.  On a warmer day the lemurs might enjoy a romp through the outdoor trails, but today… Continue reading Sharing a Snuggle, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

The PECO Primate Reserve, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

As we meander down the snow banked entrance to the primate reserve, we look forward to exploring the heated primate house.  Here we will meet the ring tailed lemurs of Madagascar, the white handed gibbons of Asia, and the critically endangered western lowland gorilla from Africa.  These animals prefer the warmth of their indoor habitats… Continue reading The PECO Primate Reserve, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Life on a Limb, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Wherever we travel in the world, climate and vegetation is similar where latitude is the same.  We can predict climate in other countries based on  weather patterns for locations with similar latitude lines in the United States.  Now, we discover that animals from opposite sides of the world can be similar, too.  The green tree… Continue reading Life on a Limb, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Behind the Curtain, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

When we visited the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, our local guide retrieved a green anaconda from a stagnant pond for us to take a closer look at this well-known reptile. Anacondas are good swimmers with eyes and nostrils at the top of their heads.  Ponds and rivers are a great place for these snakes to… Continue reading Behind the Curtain, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Slow Today, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA

Today the Galapagos tortoise is a protected species, with a variety of subspecies according to island of origin, in its natural habitat on the islands off the coast of Ecuador.  During the nineteenth century, this tortoise, which could live aboard ships for months without eating or drinking, was used as a food source and the… Continue reading Slow Today, #Philadelphiazoo, Philadelphia PA