Tilting the Axis, #Norway, #mindfulness, #climatechange

Imagine a line, representing the latitude of the arctic circle, passing through this global monument. During a yearly cycle of the earth’s tilted orbit around the sun, the position of the the arctic circle shifts by about 50 feet on longitude crossings.  Norwegians on Vikingen islet live what we learn as the shift in position… Continue reading Tilting the Axis, #Norway, #mindfulness, #climatechange

Listen with Your Heart,

Imagine the light sounds of this magnificent sea eagle as he glides through a Norwegian fjord at twilight.  As a student of Yoga, I pause to take some balanced breaths as I listen to the sounds of this beautiful moment.  Yoga teaches breathing skills as part of the spiritual practice that can help us become… Continue reading Listen with Your Heart,

Best Enrichment, Month by Month, September #Norway, #TravelTuesday,#Bestof2017

We enjoy travel to someplace we’ve never been before at least once a year to indulge our youthful curiosity about people and places around the world.  You can travel to Norway with #Hurtigruten to explore this remote village set in a windy Norwegian Fjord.  Maybe you’ll learn about a powerful avalanche that created a mountain… Continue reading Best Enrichment, Month by Month, September #Norway, #TravelTuesday,#Bestof2017

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