The Healthy Dog, #dogs,

Have you ever enjoyed something more just because the ones you’re with enjoy it so much?  Your dog’s health is influenced by diet, exercise, and healthy body weight.  At my house, we motivate each other to exercise.  Enthusiasm is contagious.

Walking Bench to Bench, #Lifestyle, #Dogs, #nature

Dogs love nature, walks, and relaxation– and research shows petting dogs is good for people, too. According to studies, blood pressure decreases when people pet dogs.  Our dogs love to sit on park benches with us when we take breaks from outdoor exercise. And, petting dogs has a calming effect that is healthy for people,… Continue reading Walking Bench to Bench, #Lifestyle, #Dogs, #nature

The Healthy Dog, #dogs, #nature

Exercise and diet matter for maintaining your dog’s body weight for a healthy heart. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a healthy body weight for your dog and devise a fitness plan your dog will love.  According to a study, people who walk their dogs are more likely to reach accepted standards of physical activity of 150… Continue reading The Healthy Dog, #dogs, #nature